Kenya: not only savannah but also the splendid scenery of he Indian Ocean with its very rich coral barrier and an incredible variety of marine fauna.

These are the diving excursions we propose:

  • in the Marine Parc of Malindi, from July to mid-November and from the end of March to April, starting at the Tropical Village;
  • in the Marine Parc of Watamu from mid-November to mid-March.
To reach the starting points from the other hotels we plan to offer a Blue-Fin shuttle service.

Usually we do 2 diving excursions per day and two per night (if possible).

The centre Blue Fin, in order to make the diving excursions secure and entertaining, will form groups of maximum 4 divers who will be accompanied by expert guides.

The water temperature is between 24C and 29C.

The centre disposes of two boats equipped for divers. The "SANSURI", a 10m long boat suited to transport 20 divers and the "ORCA", 6,5 meters long, for the transport of 8 divers.

The gas cylinders are filled securely with compressors from BAUER and COLTRI.

The centre utiliyes didactic material from PADI and has complete CRESSI equipment for more than 40 divers.

Diving sites not to lose:

  Diving in currents, about 20 minutes by boat from Malindi. You might encounter schools of big barracuda fish, of turtles, morays, rays, crocodile fish, lobsters and white fin sharks of the barrier. There are also jack fish and giant groupers.

  20 minutes by boat from Watamu. Diving site is only suitable for the most expert divers. A really spectacular scenery, black coral, red sea fan, giant candelabrum sponges which are home to big lion fish and the rare sea watermelons (holuturia pallone) of a flashy violet and yellow. Often you can see manta fish and other fish of big dimensions.

  15 minutes by boat from Watamu. A diving site suited for all levels, with schools of jack fish, "luxianides", leopard and rhino morays, sea eels and not so rare is the encounter with the whale shark and the dolphins. Incredible the variety and the quantity of colourful fish.

  25 minutes by boat from Malindi. Diving site suited for all. At a depth of maximum 10 metres the encounter with a varied quantity of barrier fish, anemones, monkfish and big lobsters.

  Spectacular diving site about 10 minutes by boat from Watamu. At 20 metres depth you cross a big canal where you can encounter leaf-fish, rays, napoleon wrasses, white fin sharks and, sometimes, the rare toadfish.

  25 minutes by boat from Watamu. Characterized by the presence of big morays, jack fish, schools of blue file fish (red teeth). Not rare is the encounter with the parrot fish.

  15 minutes by boat from Watamu. Diving along a canal you reach a garden of anemones where parrot fish of any colour and dimension reside. You can dive down up to 32metres and often see fish of big dimensions.

  25 minutes by boat from Malindi. You dive on a long reef at a depth between 10 and 16 metres. Rich with fish, spiral shaped sea plants and sea slugs, as well as a big number of sea turtles. Diving characterized by currents.